RSB Electrical Limited, established in 2009, by Sione Toluaki and Brian Judge, is recognized as one of the leading Electrical Contract Companies through Auckland and across New Zealand.

Brian and Sione started the business with 10 staff, back in 2009 and have since grown the business to the 95 staff they have today. This dynamic duo have worked together on projects prior to launching RSB Electrical so now are combining their huge past experiences to ensure that RSB Electrical remains a strong, growing business.

These two talented Electricians have all aspects of the business covered, from Electrical Engineering and design to the latest in project development.

Incorporated into their business model is a specifically chosen team to help cover all aspects of their business. From experienced Project Managers, experienced Estimators, a Cad design team. Experienced Site Leaders and a fantastic team of office staff, this team is a power machine.

RSB Electrical covers a wide range of work including Commercial, Industrial and Residential projects. We offer the experience in Engineering, Computer Aided Drawings (CAD) and illumination services, which allows us to interface with clients, architects and builders for an integrated approach to planning.

We aim to deliver high quality proficient electrical services, excellent customer service and suitable competitive prices to our valued clients.

Sione Toluaki – a Design Engineer with an amazing ability to integrate the latest technology and vison into economic designs in the Electrical profession. Alongside this, Sione is a qualified electrician with over 15 years of experience.

Brian Judge – a qualified Electrician, with over 37  years experience, applies  his project managing skills and vast knowledge  to ensure that all the jobs that RSB undertakes  run smoothly and efficiently.

This dynamic duo seek to share their knowledge with their team of 95 staff. They pride themselves in sharing their knowledge by training apprentices and currently have 20 apprentices in various stages of their apprenticeships. Their team of registered electricians has grown recently with a large number of our team completing their apprenticeships and limited licences to become fully registered Electricians, all passing with high level marks.

Both directors provide a wealth of knowledge and experience in the electrical industry.