After the 19th Century world has experienced huge commercialization in every field, in every city, country and continent and like every other country kiwis also experienced this change.

A huge part of commercialization includes inventions of electrical machines like telephone to giant broadcasting systems to run all these machines you need experts in every part of the world so as In Auckland to run the media channels entertainment or news a huge amount of electrical engineers Auckland were hired by big media groups as all the system was dependent on electrical machines.

The weather and natural beauty of this northern city of New Zealand also attracted electrical engineers Auckland around the globe to go and try their luck to show their skills in the media and big industries of Auckland and it absolutely worked for them, not only for the foreigners but also for the locals as per today the average pay for an electrical engineer is about 30 dollars per hour.

It usually takes four years in New Zealand to complete the apprenticeship and become an electrical engineer and in recent times in Auckland the demand for electrical engineers is expected to be increased by a significant number of 7% in next 10 years and will be in demand for a long time as consumer electronics are updating so fast around the globe and the frequent change has been accepted and welcomed by everyone in sophisticated consumer electronics.

Electrical engineers do really earn better than many occupations in the northern city of New Zealand so it is a good option for someone if he is looking forward to building his career in the city of Auckland.

As in the US number Electrical engineers are as big as 175000 to 200000 and its increasing in US and all over the world including Auckland as every company is trying to commercialize their product in order to step into a bigger market so the imports of electrical machines has also been increased accordingly especially the small scale factories which were once dependent on the workforce of humans are ready to step in to the bigger market with the help of vast and scientific machines which will undoubtedly be handled by the experts but will only be fixed by the Electrical engineers.

Auckland is basically based around two large harbors and we all know what kind of business opportunities welcome people around the globe to Auckland to invest in every field, and in every single field after the 19th century the main and core of business depends on the technology they are using to produce more of their products in order to compete with the existed companies and technology depends mostly on electrical machines like computers, commercial machines, production counting machines which do not increase the amount of production but will also increase the opportunities for electrical engineers in Auckland for Kiwis and the foreigners living in Auckland. It can be rightly said that Electrical Engineering is and will be in demand in Auckland and around the globe for many years to come.